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it's allgood

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Re: Character and fitness for hazing

Postby it's allgood » Fri May 26, 2017 2:41 pm

rcharter1978 wrote:OP -- If you can't express your point of view without offending multiple people, the problem isn't them, the problem is you. Stop pretending to be a victim, you know how to say things respectfully, you simply choose not to. But I also suspect OP is trolling.

This seems like the same troll as the other weed trafficker troll! :D

Phil Brooks

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Re: Character and fitness for hazing

Postby Phil Brooks » Fri May 26, 2017 2:45 pm

Please provide examples of things you have said.

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Re: Character and fitness for hazing

Postby rcharter1978 » Fri May 26, 2017 5:54 pm

KeepingItSecret wrote:
ndbigdave wrote:
KeepingItSecret wrote:Someone in class was supposedly picked on. My name was brought up. I spoke with the school who said its over but that several people spoke to her in relation to the incident and said I make the class uncomfortable. I am very outspoken and say things that aren't popular, but Hess emotional children don't want their ideas challenged. A formal complaint will be made if something like this happens again. I have no control over these things. A target is on my back because I speak my mind and people complained.

To my actual question, if I am accused of hazing and a formal complaint is made, will this be seen as a serious thing by ABA? I want no trouble with them and my options may be to either shut up (not my personality) or transfer.

I am going to reiterate what other posters have already said - we need more info.

If I take what you say at face value: you make comments that are not in line with the general class opinions, likely in an aggressive or condescending manner which has lead to complaints that you make certain members uncomfortable or "singled out" then I do agree the options are likely to change your behavior or transfer (even though if all you are doing is sharing an unpopular opinion it is a sad statement of our current higher education system that differing opinions are not celebrated but instead shouted down or threatened with administrative action). I don't understand where "hazing" comes into the picture, are you sure that is the potential charge you will face?

Would this be an issue for your state's bar character and fitness? Yes. Should you face disciplinary hearings or an actual disciplinary sanction you will need to disclose and then explain the circumstances of the event(s). Without knowing just what is being said its tough to say just how serious your situation is - my first blush is that this isn't a HUGE deal, you'll have to explain yourself but it isnt like an actual criminal charge, appears unrelated to alcohol or drugs and should you have no other red flags will be something a few years in your past so it should not block your passing C&F (albeit with extra paperwork for you to complete and perhaps a meeting with your C&F board - in the worst case scenario).

If you feel comfortable please share more so that proper advice can be given.

Before fully addressing nbbigdave, if like to say that nothing in my OP should suggest I'm being a "dick". I hold opinions that can be seen as "wrong think." All of my arguments are wel reasoned and backed up. In fact, one person in class who has railed against me and my opinions is a true dick. She yells and screams and says outlandish things. Because my opinions are colored by my politics and in today's climate, that isn't the best thing I get singled out as being crazy.

That all being said, my politics made me somewhat unpopular with a minority of the class. Something was said to have been done to another student. The person they singled out as the culprit was me. The student didn't report anything, others in the class reported it based on rumors. Why? My contention is that I'm the unpopular "dick" and so it had to be me. No complaint was filed, but if the student were to come forward and make a complaint themselves a formal complaint will be file d

While I'm still pretty convinced you're trolling, everything in your post suggests you're being a dick. Your special snowflake adherence to this ideal that you should always get to say whatever you want and what you think is ridiculous. The groups of people who are complaining about you have probably had to suck up far worse in their lives while keeping a smile on their face so they could keep their job or maintain the status quo. If you don't know how to control yourself and what you say, you'll never keep a job because most people have an asshole in the workplace that they have to smile and work around. Sometimes its your direct supervisor. But I bet you won't have as much to say when your boss says something you disagree with, right? Because, you know exactly how to behave in a non-asshole manner, but you choose to be an asshole.

And just LOL at "she says outlandish things," is anyone complaining about her? Or are they complaining about you?

Also, WTF, "something was said to have been done" Dude, either tell your story or STFU about it, but stop with these half steps. Its in bad form, even for trolling

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