Aerospace Engineer with questions about patent law

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Aerospace Engineer with questions about patent law

Postby dcb942 » Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:14 pm

I graduated in 2014 with my degree in aerospace engineering. I have worked the last 2 years at NASA in Houston. It is pretty interesting but I am worried about being laid off in a few years when the ISS program ends and frankly the salary isn't amazing.

I have had an interest in patent law for awhile but no matter where I look most jobs require some sort of Electrical engineering or computer science. Now I have done quite a bit of programing and took several EE classes. I know my way around schematics, code, plumbing schematics, circuit diagrams etc. I do not want to risk going to law school only to not be able to find a job. Granted there are online computer science programs and I could conceivably get a degree in computer science either before or after law school if needed. I live very close to the University of Houston which has a decent IP program and I could do it part time.

My questions are:

What are your thoughts? Do I need another degree?

Is patent law worth the investment?

What is the job outlook for a patent lawyer?

What is the job outlook in Texas? My one condition is that I cannot leave Texas.

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