The STRAW-Man Is Your Shadow and Anchor

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The STRAW-Man Is Your Shadow and Anchor

Postby AnthawnyMus » Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:27 pm

It is very important to understand the difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL. If you're like most people and have not memorized the dozens of volumes of legal CODE then you probably assume you need an attorney who is a BAR member to assist you in legal matters. What if I told you that you were entirely competent. By the time you're done reading this, you will be able to raise eyebrows of people who have studied law their whole life if they're willing to admit it. AND I will leave a source for you to learn more and verify dozens of sources for all of this information. ALWAYS verify.

All BAR accredited (a separate-from-any-country corporate entity located in ENGLAND) attorneys and judges (robed attorneys) are agents of the court (not you) and are LEGALLY not required to bring up common law ( a.k.a. LAWFULNESS or case law; otherwise described as the bible's law) which is that you and no person are allowed to hurt any person or any person's property. Everything else is Prima Facie law or presumed law. Otherwise known as CODE (a corporate policy) of your local Incorporated Municipality (nicknamed "City" or "Town" acting as local government) according to Black's Dictionary of Law -which is known and cited by every attorney and judge and is the handbook for the legal language called "legalese".

SO, when an attorney says "Do you understand me?" in legalese that means "Do you stand under me?" basically saying do you stand under my authority. The common response to the original question would be "Yes." because you're not dumb and you want to tell him that you can comprehend what he's saying. Little do you know, you've bound yourself in a verbal contract and declared yourself mentally incompetent to represent yourself in front of a jury (ALWAYS DEMAND A JURY). Thus, common law doesn't need to be brought up in order to prove your innocence. It is not subject to the prosecutor for burden of proof to overcome common law. You can force them to. The officers of the court have to uphold the court proceedings to ensure lawful compliance. The court is a commercial venue, so is your Incorporated Municipality. All designed for revenue, not for the betterment of the masses.

A presentment from fictional government -from traffic citation to criminal charges -is a negative, commercial "claim" against the Strawman. This "claim" takes place in the commercial, fictional world of government. "Digits" move from one side of your Strawman account to the other, negative to postive or to a different account.
This is today's commerce.

There's something else you should know: Everything, since June 1933, operates in COMMERCE! Commerce is based on agreement, contract. Government has an implied agreement with the Strawman (government's creation) & the Strawman is subject to government rule, as we illustrated above. But when we, the real flesh & blood man & woman, step into their "process" we become the "surety" for the fictional Strawman. Reality & fiction are reversed. We then become liable for the debts, liabilities & obligations of the Strawman, relinquishing our real (protected) character as we stand up for the fictional Strawman.

So that we can once again place the Strawman in the fictional world & ourselves in the real world (with all our "shields" in place against fictional government) we must send a nonnegotiable (private) "Charge Back" & a nonnegotiable "Bill of Exchange" to the United States Secretary of Treasury, along with a copy of our birth certificate, the evidence, the MCO, of the Strawman. By doing this we discharge our portion of the public debt, releasing US, the real man, from the debts, liabilities & obligations of the Strawman. Those debts, liabilities & obligations exist in the fictional commercial world of "book entries", on computers &/or in paper ledgers. It is a world of "digits" & "notes", not of money & substance. Property of the real man once again becomes tax exempt & free from levy, as it must be in accord with HJR-192.

Sending the nonnegotiable Charge Back & Bill of Exchange accesses our Treasury Direct Account (TDA). What is our TDA? Let's go to Title 26 USC & take a look at section 163(h)(3)(B)(ii), $1,000,000 limitation: "The aggregate amount treated as acquisition indebtedness for any period shall not exceed $1,000,000 ($500,000 in the case of a married individual filing a separate return)."

This $1,000,000 (one million) account is for the Strawman, the fictional "person" with the name in all caps &/or last name first. It is there for the purpose of making book entries, to move figures, "digits" from one side of ledgers to the other. Without constant movement a shark will die & quite ironically, like the shark, there must also be constant movement in commerce, or it too will die. Figures, digits, the entries in ledgers must move from asset side to debit side & back again, or commerce dies. No movement, no commerce.

The fictional person of government can only function in a fictional commercial world, one where there is no real money, only fictional funds ... mere entries, figures, & digits.

If you operate within this commerce world then you can settle this account without ever appearing before a court. You can take control of your commerce go-between (STRAW-Man) and be the real individual liaison for this commerce instrument.

Since the TDA exists for the Strawman -who, until now, has been controlled by government - WE can gain control (& ownership) of the Strawman by first activating the TDA & then filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement. This does two things for US.

First, by activating the TDA we gain limited control over the funds in the account. This allows US to also move entries, figures, & digits ... for OUR benefit.

Secondly, by properly filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement we can become the holder in due course of the Strawman. This gives us virtual ownership of the government created entity. So what? What does it all mean?

Remember earlier we mentioned that a presentment from government or one of its agents or agencies was a negative commercial claim against the Strawman (& the Strawman's account, the TDA)? Remember we told you entries, figures, & digits moved from one side of the account to the other, or to a different account?

Well now, with the Strawman under our control, government has no access to the TDA & they also lose their go-between, their liaison, their "connection" to the real, living man & woman. From now on, when presented with a "claim" (presentment) from government, we will agree with it (this removes the "controversy") & we will ACCEPT IT FOR VALUE. By doing this we remove the negative claim against our account & become the "holder in due course" of the presentment. As holder in due course you can require the sworn testimony of the presenter of the "claim" (under penalty of perjury) & request the account be properly adjusted.

It's all business, a commercial undertaking, & the basic procedure is not complicated. In fact, it's fairly simple. We just have to remember a few things, like: this is not a "legal" procedure -we're not playing dog-&-pony. This is commerce, & we play by the rules of commerce. We accept the "claim", become the holder in due course, & challenge whether or not the presenter of the claim had/has the proper authority (the Order) to make the claim (debit our account) in the first place. When they cannot produce the Order (they never can, it was never issued) we request the account be properly adjusted (the charge, the "claim " goes away).

If they don't adjust the account a request is made for the bookkeeping records showing where the funds in question were assigned. This is done by requesting the Fiduciary Tax Estimate & the Fiduciary Tax Return for this claim. Since the claim has been accepted for value & is prepaid, & our TDA account is exempt from levy, the request for the Fiduciary Tax Estimate & the Fiduciary Tax Return is valid because the information is necessary in determining who is delinquent &/or making claims on the account. If there is no record of the Fiduciary Tax Estimate & the Fiduciary Tax Return, we then request the individual tax estimates & individual tax returns to determine if there is any delinquency.

If we receive no favorable response to the above requests, we will then file a currency report on the amount claimed/assessed against our account & begin the commercial process that will force them to either do what's required or lose everything they own -except for the clothing they are wearing at the time. This is the power of contracts (commerce) & it should be mentioned, at least this one time, that a contract overrides the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, & any other document other than another contract. We should also mention that no process of law -"color" of law under present codes, statutes, rules, regulations, ordinances, etc. - can operate upon you, no agent &/or agency of government (including courts) can gain jurisdiction over you, WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. You, (we) are not within their fictional commercial venue.

The Accepted for Value process, however, gives us the ability to deal with "them" -through the use of our transmitting utility/go-between, the Strawman -& hold them accountable in their own commercial world, for any action(s) they attempt to take against us. Without a proper Order, & now we know they're not in possession of such a document, they must leave us alone ... or pay the consequences.

This Prima Facie Law is agreed to at birth when your parents (or if they don't) sign your birth certificate and marriage license. This declares that you are a product of the UNITED STATES, Inc. (as defined in Black's Dictionary, always seen in all caps just like your birth certificate name and social security name otherwise known as your STRAW-Man name. This birth certificate number, tied to your STRAW-Man name, can be looked up at any local stockbroker to see how much your bond (as a UNITED STATES, Inc. product which is ultimately owned by the Crown of the Royal Parliament) is worth on the Stock Exchange. Usually somewhere around $7 million but some are worth billions. You’re agreeing to be a product of the UNITED STATES, Inc. and therefore you're subject to all corporate codes as you have agreed that the government knows best at birth (Berth: to bring cargo into harbor.). You are living breathing revenue that you have no part in. You can take your piece and live your life under your god given rights and governance.

The only way to escape this or to tell them that you absolutely did not agree to these CODES at birth, and neither did your parents or any of your ancestors, is to declare your sovereignty. This declares that you fall under and operate under the Constitution FOR the United States, not the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES (a corporate document enacted in The Act of April 9, 1933 when the country was declared in a State of Emergency under the emergency state powers. This declaration suspends the constitution and congress and places all authority to the president of the UNITED STATES, Inc. (At the time, Franklin D. Roosevelt.) and we still are in this state of emergency TODAY! NEARLY ALL police officers are sworn to uphold Legality (corporate CODE), not Lawfulness and are corporate employees, making most "Cities" the exact definition of a police-state!!

Scared yet? You're no fool if you've kept attention this far. It has happened ( IN ALMOST THE EXACT SAME STEPS) on smaller scales and large scales throughout history of civilization and it is clearly in progress now in the very country we live in. They want what the sheeple have. When the wolves outnumber the sheep, they die if they eat to their content. They need to get in close and befriend them to take what they have (in the sheep’s case, their offspring. In our case, our…. um.) Solutions? We have to reinstate the intended purpose of our constitution. That doesn’t mean violent movements to overthrow the government. That means we need to whitewash it, reinstate the true documents that the country was founded on (Articles of Confederation; Bill of Rights; Constitution For The United States; Declaration of Independence; etc.) These documents clearly state we are a republic. Early presidents of our country warned us of the parties and the corporations getting too closely knit with our legislation. They groundbreakingly and purposefully called us a republic governed by the Highest Authority. Love America but you don’t necessarily need to love the self-proclaimed government.

Majorities of wealth floating in the hands of a few. A now pyramid structure, debt-based monetary system controlled by a private entity (which in reality, pretty much everything is at least a private corporate entity) independent of the UNITED STATES, Inc. and the 50 states, though it still resides here. We know that this monetary system will fail every time. It has four consecutive times, all resulting in war and internal economic suffering on a mass scale all because the government is transferring and reorganizing the wealth of the country to regain value and control. The market crashes, a few sold in time, they bought up five times the stocks they had at pennies on the dollar and the government went around buying land at pennies on the dollar (making UNITED STATES, Inc. the majority land owner in The United States; which collaterally means that the Crown of England is the majority land owner in the United States.). This allows them to control real estate costs, product costs, travelling costs, traded good costs, food, etc.. I mean not just on the tax level but on the base level and then the tax is just extra. Government and corporation are absolutely and evidently  reporting on the same boards such as ALEC. They all report to the same amount of people. Money is transferred down a line and stuff gets done. Whoever controls the top of the money line, controls the people. We think we’re making these independent choices and we have all these liberties so we’re free, right? Does this sound free to you? Or designed?

A republic is a community of sovereign individuals that rule themselves by the word of God and the good of their hearts. You can't harm others or their individuals and corporations don't rule the country and a good portion of the developed world. A republic is what exists in the background of all things and it is what the nation was founded on upon original intent of founding this confederation. Now all the people of influence and wisdom in the political world are puppets of the ones who hold influence/power and money over the media. The owner of Fox Media owns over 50% of the media industry (illegally but exempted to go above the 35% limit). The whole media industry is owned by 5 people in reality. A lot of power in a few hands leads to corruption and is favorable to oppressive governments as made evident through history's record. So, of course, our government would also seek to leverage this. This shouldn't be shocking to you if you've watched the media out there..

Change up your sources a bit because the real grit is hidden in technical drafts, bills, corporate code, legalese, etc. Find people that understand that side of the world, and can prove it, and learn their interpretations of it into something that is still complex and demanding of research. We need to reinstate what is right back into our government and see this game. Not unlawfully. Not unconstitutionally and absolutely condoned and encouraged by our constitution and common law.

This is all verifiable. Don't take my word for it and don't think that this blog post is enough. I didn't take anybody else's word either and this is not all I know by any means so ask questions and I hope I don't know the answer. Verify, verify, verify. USE the internet and PRINT anything that you think is worth saving. Don't store it on a computer or anything that could be wiped by an EMP or remote hard drive wipes. Print. Bind. It's worth the resources.

Here's a link to where I found a ton of great information and a lot of verifiable sources.

Hover over the link to make sure it's going to the right place (reality blogger). Scan it if you feel the need or open up in a secure firewalled browser. I've used it and it is fine for me. Also, permission is granted to share this by the author, because we need to plant the seeds. Keep planting these seeds and we will have a harvest.


Know Your Rights!

"God" is in every human and we are endowed with the tender emotions of life and the notion of what is "right" and "wrong". Govern yourself. Let your "heart" govern you. This is my belief and one form of interpretation of divine prophecy found in nearly every tome considered to be sacred in some sphere of culture or another.


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Re: The STRAW-Man Is Your Shadow and Anchor

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Re: The STRAW-Man Is Your Shadow and Anchor

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What. The fuck.

I kinda don't even want the thread to be closed, because this is entertaining.

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Re: The STRAW-Man Is Your Shadow and Anchor

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Please post more

I need to know more

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Re: The STRAW-Man Is Your Shadow and Anchor

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Capitol_Idea wrote:Please post more

I need to know more

No no no. You really don't. I promise.

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