Advice between schollys -2T versus 3T -URM

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Advice between schollys -2T versus 3T -URM

Postby gbullock19 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:11 pm

I love reading this blog. So I was wondering what your take on my situation is. I have a disability and was granted LSAT accomodations. I’m also URM & non-traditional student. I was PTing average 158-159 but scored 154 which I wasn’t happy about. After 2 more months of study, I printed the test of LSAC website and scored 161! My GPA was 3.04 mostly due to complications with my disability.

Disappointed and hopeful, I’ve rescheduled test for February 2017 but have already been awarded $30k/year from Stetson which is about 73% of tuition (41.5k/yr). Room & board is also super cheap there at $489/mo. I also love the beach and that I can live on campus which is rare for a 3T law school.

My dream school though is Georgia State, a 2T, where I went for undergrad in my city of Atlanta, but also because they are #3 in Health Law, which I want to practice. GSU encouraged me not to apply until March when Feb scores come out. Even with a 160 LSAT score, scholarship at most will be $5k a year due to my low GPA (tuition there is $17k/yr). Caveat, though, is I may be distracted my friends and boyfriend here and it’s in the middle of downtown traffic which is expensive and horrid.


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