NYC Students, Pro Bono Help, Trump Protest

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NYC Students, Pro Bono Help, Trump Protest

Postby sf2tx » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:17 am


I am down in Texas, but one of my closest family friends was just arrested late last night at the protest against Trump. Her arraignment is today and then I am hoping to talk to her when she is out. Though it's not necessary to make her case for her, she was peacefully protesting, bodyslammed and pinned to the ground by cops and has been charged with assault. There are witnesses and video to the whole incident, all saying the same.

My question is: Could any students in NYC could recommend a clinic, pro-bono department, or any sort of resource to help her with her case? I know attorneys in Texas who would be interested and professors here who have those resources, but the resources really need to be in NYC.

Perhaps this is a long shot, but I just want see if anyone has any leads. Feel free to PM for more information.

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