How common are these pathetic salaries?

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Re: How common are these pathetic salaries?

Postby nunumaster » Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:40 pm

Just become an accountant or something more useful and in demand.

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Re: How common are these pathetic salaries?

Postby reasonable_man » Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:18 pm

I'm a graduate of a TTTT, almost a decade out of law school. I work at my firm with plenty of T-14 grads, plenty of T1/T2 grads and a handful of TTT and Basically no TTTT grads. I generate business and thus I am paid Better than a lot of them - which is also why my TTTT-Grad-Stain doesn't hold me back. However, what seems like a lifetime ago, I worked at an insurance defense firm with mostly T1 to TTTT grads and I started out making 60k a year. And I knew plenty of kids from T1s without jobs that would have killed to get into the firm I was working for at that time. My point is this - when you graduate from a T1 - TTTT, there isn't any way to predict how things will turn out and the possibility of a low paying job or no job at all is very real. Beyond the T-14 (T-20 maybe) it is much harder to assess actual differences in outcomes for graduates of different schools. The kid graduating from the T30 school isn't much better off than the kid at the T60. I tell anyone that asks IRL, only attend a school where you would be happy with the most likely employment outcomes you see from people at the middle of the grade curve. And plan to put in a bunch of time and hope for a few good strokes of luck, because even when you succeed - it's a bumpy fucking ride.

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