Accepted After Classes Start

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Accepted After Classes Start

Postby Sengrig » Wed Jun 15, 2016 6:36 pm

Hey everyone,

I would like to get responses from ONLY those who have experienced this situation (if any). I keep hearing about people being accepted to dental school, medical school, business school, etc. after classes start, so now I'm curious and hopeful in my question :D

I am accepted at one school and wait listed at two others that I would choose over school A. Has anyone STARTED classes at a school then been accepted elsewhere and switched? If so, can you tell me about that process - getting reimbursed from school A, how quickly you moved and started classes, etc.

Also, if anyone has experience with that and has taken out federal loans that were disbursed to school A, how did that process work? Were you able to just switch schools without any sort of penalty?


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