Applying for a Paralegal Position at Big Law firms in NYC

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Applying for a Paralegal Position at Big Law firms in NYC

Postby dayanam » Mon Feb 16, 2015 7:37 pm

I would like to know if anyone has any advice on:

Cover letter:
1. Cover Letter (should i include my background story - immigrant; first person in family to graduate from college, etc.)
2. How detailed should my cover letter be? Should I include my prior internship at a law firm and interning for the DA's Office in Manhattan?
3. How long should my cover letter be?

Application/Interview Process:
1. How long does it take to receive an answer? If I don't receive an answer but that time, should I call to make sure they received it or assume they're not interested?
2. How does the interview process work? Is it one interview or multiple? With one interviewer or multiple?

*** I want to work as many hours as possible so that I can save up for law school - do I state that in my cover letter or state it at the interview? And should I state why I want to work as much overtime as possible?

****Also, if anyone has any idea on how much paralegals make as base salary, that would be helpful! And I also heard somewhere that if they work weekends, then it's double overtime - is that true? Or do they get paid time and a half?

Sorry if I'm driving y'all nuts! Thanks for the help in advance!!!

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