What causes people to strike out at OCI?

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Re: What causes people to strike out at OCI?

Postby withoutapaddle » Fri Feb 06, 2015 12:19 pm

Are there even MBA-required jobs? Aren't a vast majority of b-school students people whose companies said "go get an MBA so we can justify your promotion to our shareholders, don't worry, we'll pay for it"

Do people go K-MBA planning on landing big-corp? I don't think law school and business school are comparable

It is comparable for job prospects. I don't care what experience you have, if you go to Emory Business School you will not have the same opportunities as someone that goes to an M7. Same goes for law school, the Wake Forest student will not have the same opportunities as someone from the T-14.

Also, yes there are B school required jobs. Top consulting firms (Consultant roles) and investment banking firms (Associate roles) require a MBA.

I think the issue with law students being unemployed is that a lot of the students go K-JD. If they would have worked for two years as say a financial analyst, they would be more marketable at OCI and also be able to rely on their past experience to at least land a 50K a year job while looking for law jobs.

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Re: What causes people to strike out at OCI?

Postby Cobretti » Fri Feb 06, 2015 2:19 pm

withoutapaddle wrote:I never realized how hard it would be to get a job out of the T-14 until I started looking at B school. Outside the top 10 business schools you better have almost a full ride or you shouldn't go.

So looking at it like this. I would never attened the 30th ranked MBA program, which means I should probably never attend the 30th ranked law school for job prospects. The scariest thing to me is signing a note for $175,000 for a 15% chance at big law (Paying back my debt, saving for retirement, paying bills).

What are you basing this on? B-School is generally safer than law school as an investment because its not nearly as feast or famine and its cheaper. In B-School if you strike out at the best consulting/banking jobs you don't fall straight to 60k/year jobs. There is an entire spectrum of MBA jobs that exist at literally every even mid size corporation that pay more than enough to cover your debt at graduation. At the ~top 50 program I went to before law school the avg salary at graduation was around 80k with nearly everyone employed. Another big consideration is that b-school is 2 years instead of 3 so debt at graduation is significantly cheaper. Also, unlike law school, lower ranked business schools don't tend to cost as much as the top ones.

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Re: What causes people to strike out at OCI?

Postby PeanutsNJam » Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:03 pm

I know it's just anecdotal but I know people who are entering B-school with a job promised, or are attending B-school while working, with a promised raise/promotion afterwards. And the company pays for the schooling.

How many law firms are paying for people's legal education and promising them a job afterwards?

How often does this happen for business school?

It's just different.

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