Looking for Law Students to Assist in Civil Litigation

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Looking for Law Students to Assist in Civil Litigation

Postby gzell » Thu Dec 18, 2014 2:14 am


My name is Gene and I have a somewhat of a unique situation on my hands. I am searching for few law students who are looking to gain hands on litigation experience through my unfortunate situation.

I am an entrepreneur who started a mobile payment’s company back in early 2011. I invested six figures into the start up that was later acquired in 2013 by a publicly traded company listed on Nasdaq. Unfortunately I was close to running out of funds and the publicly traded company took advantage of that information, which I am fine with except for the fact that year and half later I still haven’t been paid for my company. Publicly traded company knew that I was unable to afford an attorney and continued to play games since June of 2013 and not release a single share. I tried looking for attorneys on contingency bases and was not fortunate enough to find a suitable council due to the fact that all they were interested in was a quick settlement, 50% and to avoid court at all cost…

Naturally I was under allot of stress amongst other emotional challenges which is when I decided to write about my experience and warn others about the crooked CEO. I posted this info on few forums and created a blog about that crooked CEO who has a criminal past.

In retaliation the crooked CEO filed a defamation suit against me to which I haven’t been served yet. I am well aware of what defamation suit is all about and feel very confident in prevailing. Everything that I have mentioned was 100% true and have various publications and witnesses to back up my comments.

Since I will be defending myself in this legal matter, I was hoping to find few law students who are willing to assist me with putting together briefs, motions and case studies. I am willing to compensate for your time and will not require full time assistance that might interfere with your legal studies.

Think of this proposition as legal consulting with an opportunity to gain real hands on experience on defending our legal right to Free Speech.

For more details please feel free to contact me.



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