Shot at NYC patent job as a 0L???

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Shot at NYC patent job as a 0L???

Postby GoneRunning » Sat Feb 15, 2014 2:39 pm

I'm admitted to NYU, I have passed the Patent Bar Exam, and hope to get some kind of patent prosecution experience before law school. PhD is biotech/chem plus 3-yr WE at a university research institute.
I have done some contract work for a law firm before (technical counsel, patentability searches, helped craft responses to office actions, etc...) and am now getting part time training/feedback from a couple of local attorneys (about 3hrs/week--claim drafting, writing letters to clients). Local market is very small. Do I have a shot at a 0L gig at a patent firm in or around NYC? I could pick up and move there without problem. If yes, what type of firms should I approach?

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