Is JD/MBA good for anything?

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Re: Is JD/MBA good for anything?

Postby guano » Wed Jan 15, 2014 9:06 am

matthewsean85 wrote:Doesn't getting an MBA to advance your current career still count as doing it for your job prospects, such as getting raises, promotions, etc?

Indirectly, yes. In my case, it did not affect promotions or bonuses directly. I was already on a good track, but wanted to make sure I was ready for what was coming up, to better do the job I was going to have down the line anyway, and, to a much lesser extent, to show off. My base salary was unaffected, my bonus was performance based, and I was already the most senior (non-partner) employee. I found my MBA useful in ways I did not expect either going in or upon graduation, but it wasn't directly connected to employment considerations. (I will admit it serves as a signal, but regarding other employment opportunities the rest of my résumé matters far more).

To be honest, for a lot of people, they're either likely to get that promotion/new job regardless, and taking time out for an MBA would slow down their career, or, they're not really management material and the MBA won't help them get it (or at least keep it)

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