Depaul School of Law vs. Charlotte School of Law

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Need Help Here
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Depaul School of Law vs. Charlotte School of Law

Postby Need Help Here » Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:32 am

I have been finished 1st year in Charlotte School of Law and I took my chance for applying transfer. I have been accepted by Depaul Law but I am now wondering if I should go to Depaul Law. Since I searched much information online and different people's reviews messed me up. Here, I respectfully ask for suggestions, should I stay in Charlotte Law or go to Depaul Law.

Here is some basic information:
Charlotte Law: no schoolarship, unranked school, since it is a new law school just got fully accreditation on 2011, located in Charlotte which is not a big city
Depaul Law: I got $16,000 scholarship total for next two years, ranked#89 and down to #103 this year (but someone told me the rank may change dramatically every year, especially for the school lower than #50), located in Chicago.

Note: do not take too much consideration on the schoolarship, since I got the fully support from my grandfather.

Please, please, please help me!!! :o :o :o

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Re: Depaul School of Law vs. Charlotte School of Law

Postby Cobretti » Thu Aug 01, 2013 1:40 am

Wrong forum, but all this comes down to is geographic ties. Both schools won't have any national placement power so go/stay wherever you have ties and/or want to practice (or only applies if you don't have ties to either, and let's hope that's not the case)

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Re: Depaul School of Law vs. Charlotte School of Law

Postby jingosaur » Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:52 am

Depaul will probably give you better career options since Charlotte and the other for-profit law schools owned by its parent company are kind of a running joke among law schools. The fact that your grandfather is paying the money that he worked all of his life for to pay full tuition for such an awful school made me cringe. Just keep in mind that if you tranfer to Depaul, you will only be able to find a job in Chicago and your odds of finding real legal work are extremely low, but better than your odds of fining legal work out of Charlotte SOL

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