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Re: Living on Campus as a 1L

Postby moshei24 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:12 am

rinkrat19 wrote:
moshei24 wrote:
rinkrat19 wrote:You could have just said it was the rules, you know, instead of throwing out some absurdity about "flavors." I understand that there are traditions, like no pork, that are rooted in something that once made literal sense without any religious reasons (pork meat was unsafe) and are now just the traditional rules. But actual flavors don't soak into the metal walls of an oven and get into food the next time someone uses the oven. That's just silly.

Why are you getting so angry and defensive? I gave you some of the reasons behind it. I'm not about to go and argue with you about all of this, so I told you to go do some further reading if you're having trouble understanding the basics behind it. You're welcome to go and read more detailed explanations behind it. :)
I'm not angry, sparky. Chill.


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