UNC Chapel Hill Law Attendance / Participation Questions

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UNC Chapel Hill Law Attendance / Participation Questions

Postby badabing85 » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:07 pm

Hey all, I'd be interested in the experience of current Carolina Law students with class attendance and participation policies, with certain professors. My situation (kids, family, work etc.) is going to make a strict attendance policy pretty burdensome and honestly I'd like to keep it to a minimum, along the lines of other students who've had success with studying mostly at the end of the semester before exams. (Obviously that's taking a risk but I'm pretty disciplined and I'm not coming to law school with zero idea of what I'm doing, either, so I just need to figure out how to get through it efficiently). Can anyone remember specific professors who didn't care about taking attendance and/or in what courses? Am I better off taking the classes with bigger enrollments so I'm just less noticed? Are they any harder on attendance for 1L's than 2L/3L's? How do the final exams work -- has anyone pretty much ditched most of his classes and then shown up for the final exams at the end of the semester? Did the professor freak out or was he even there lol? Anyway, just looking to hear your experience with all this.

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