Advice for 1L Summer Needed

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Advice for 1L Summer Needed

Postby domino9028 » Wed May 01, 2013 9:49 pm

I've been an avid reader of TLS for a long time and now that I am transitioning from my current job to law school, I know I can turn to you all for advice without getting yelled at to not go to law school.

I work in an industry that I love dearly and hope to continue in after I complete my JD. I have spent the last couple years building quite a strong network (I worked closely with outside counsel - name a big firm, we're probably a client - so I had easy access to them) which I hope to utilize when it comes to job hunting.

To work in said industry in the capacity that I would like, unfortunately I do really need Big Law for at least a couple years before I can transition back. So this is where my questions come in.... A few partners in my network have encouraged me to apply to their summer programs and have told me who else to contact at other firms, etc., BUT I feel like they may be a bit out of touch. From what I've always understood, summer programs are geared towards 2Ls. I'll apply anyway but what else should I be focused on? Should I be focused on getting an in-house gig (my company has one geared towards 1Ls so I am sure I can arrange for something similar at other places), aim for a random smaller firm, work on an Alpaca farm? My goal is to have a strong 1L summer in preparation for 2L summer.

A little about me in case it helps guide answers - accepted to a strong regional school, weak undergrad record with an upward trend, very strong WE (the company is the Cravath/Goldman Sachs of the industry), and a strong network of people that are willing to make the introductions/give recs/make calls/take me to industry events with them.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Advice for 1L Summer Needed

Postby mephistopheles » Wed May 01, 2013 9:51 pm

the key for you, because it sounds like you probably interview alright, is grades. good grades get you in the door and give you things to talk about in interviews.

shoot for a 3.7+.

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