question pertaining to non-punitive course withdrawals

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question pertaining to non-punitive course withdrawals

Postby lawschoolnovice1988 » Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:08 pm

I realize given this question, the most common nugget of advice is "send in your transcripts and see what happens", however, I was hoping someone else reading this forum, that once worried in the same regard as me, could tell me in advance what I should expect.

Alright, there were a few times in the coarse of my undergraduate career when I had to withdrawal from courses. These withdrawals were W's and were not factored into my accumulative grade point average. When I looked at my university transcript, under transcripts keys, it states W=not-computed. I wasnt the least bit worried about the transcript summarization process, until I read the LSAC website. While the website ( ... zation.asp), states that W grades arent factored in, unless the issuing school deems them as punitive. I am unclear what they mean in terms of non-punitive. If non-punitive means not affecting gpa, then my withdrawals are just that. However, later on in the transcript summarization website they state, "we define failure as credit attempted but not earned, the only exception is for withdrawals grades listed under excluded".

So, my W's arent factored into the accum, but at the bottom of transcript totals, they list your number of total attempted hours and number of earned hours. So would that make them punitive, even though they didnt hurt the gpa? I also, looked on this site and saw an "Interpretive Guide" where you can enter in your school and it tells you what is excluded from LSAC. When I typed in my school it says W's were omitted from LSAC's calculations.

Do you think that it is all good? Or should I still expect an element of suprise?

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Re: question pertaining to non-punitive course withdrawals

Postby John_rizzy_rawls » Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:30 pm

They won't count and school don't care.

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