can you apply to transfer law schools more than once?

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can you apply to transfer law schools more than once?

Postby lawschoolsplit1984 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:22 pm

Say, Spring 2014, after you complete 1L and you have completed at least 28 credits (and no more than whatever each T14 school will transfer) and you apply as a transfer from a T25-29 and you apply to 5 T-14 schools, and you get dinged at all 5 of them.

Then the next year, you decide not to take anymore law classes or continue 2L, can you apply to transfer again Spring 2015, if you dont continue 2L?


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Re: can you apply to transfer law schools more than once?

Postby GertrudePerkins » Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:43 pm

I'm sure you can apply again, I'm just not sure why you think having taken a year off would make you a more competitive candidate. Just hoping that the following year the competition will, for some random reason, be less intense? Seems unlikely.

ETA: Upon looking through your other threads, here's my additional advice: calm the eff down and don't try to game out all the intricacies of transferring more than a year (!) before you have any idea whether your grades would permit it. Don't spend your time and mental energy trying to plan for something that is so significantly outside your control and that might obviously become unattainable down the road. Do something more fun and productive.


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Re: can you apply to transfer law schools more than once?

Postby KidStuddi » Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:49 pm


Assuming you have a good answer to this question the obstacle you'll need to hurdle will be getting a certificate of good standing from your current law school, which is a requirement for transferring anywhere. I don't know if you'd be considered in good standing if you just don't register for 2L classes and do nothing for a year. You'd probably have to apply for reinstatement at your 1L institution and then, assuming you get that, immediately ask for a letter of good standing.

It might work, but like the previous poster mentioned, there is no reason to believe this would do anything but hurt your chances. Your LORs would all be stale. Your resume now has gaps in it. You run the risk of being perceived as being unstable, etc. Absent a compelling reason for the gap, all you do is become less of a sure thing.

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