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GULC Off-Campus Housing

Postby xjustyoursmile » Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:55 pm

Hey everybody!

I'm preparing my visit to DC for GULC's March Admitted Student's Day and I need some help. I'll be flying over from California, so this is the only trip I'll be making to DC prior to orientation (if I decide to go to GULC). I'd like to get to know DC more, particularly take a look at potential off-campus apartments if I don't get into Gewirz by lottery. Can I get some suggestions about the best apartment buildings to live in. I'd prefer somewhere close to campus (20-30 min commute is fine too), studio or one bedroom apartments, something less than $1,700 (cheaper, the better), and a SAFE place to live (as I will most likely be living alone and my boyfriend will most likely not join me in DC).

I've already taken note of a few places and still have to keep researching:
Capital Plaza
Mass Court
Carmel Plaza

I'd love to know what your guys' experiences are from apartments that match this description or if you have any suggestions. I've only visited DC once before, but my family and I mostly stuck to the museums so I am very unfamiliar with the different neighborhood, the metro, and the bus system. I also have no idea where I would have to get groceries. So if you guys have info on the public transportation system, that would be great too!

Any info is appreciated!

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