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Re: Best Paths To Take for Employments

Postby paul554 » Tue Jan 08, 2013 9:58 pm

bgoodrick wrote:
matthewsean85 wrote:
J-e-L-L-o wrote:I'm a veteran and I was browsing the military thread. I believe it was around 8% acceptance this year for JAG.

In recent years it has been right around the 6-8% mark. Anyone know how that compares to other gov't job acceptance rates?

Also, as a follow up to my previous question, is there anything that JAG recruiters look for especially? Any certain ways that I could stand out from the crowd besides having good grades?

Have a military haircut, look in shape and BE in shape. You'll do an interview and Army JAG at least wont even consider you if they don't think you can pass a PT test and weight.

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