What shall I do?

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What shall I do?

Postby apollo13 » Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:16 pm

Currently, I am a upper-junior majoring in Poli Sci. at one of the CUNY schools (Baruch) in Manhattan, and I am definitely planning to go to law school. But the question is when...?

My current situation is that I would love to get some exposure to law by working as a paralegal/legal assistant at law firms in the city, but it seems like its pretty difficult to land a entry level paralegal/or even internships as my school is a business school and there are hefty competitions from top schools. From what I have been hearing from other poli sci. students, a good number of them are unemployed or pursuing finances/banking etc. All in all, Political Science degree out of my school is essentially just a toilet paper... :x It's very TOUGH to get a job with a BA out of my school...

However, ITE, I do understand that getting a job even after lawl schools is even tougher these days. So I am very mindful of the T-14 or bust concept.

I do have a good GPA, 3.93 with Honors in Political Science, and some research assistant background and leadership activities that I've done in the campus. I def. don't want to waste my good GPA by settling on a T25 or T30 as I am already experiencing the pain of being marginalized from getting a job.

Based on your experiences, would you recommend me to go to law school after my graduation? or is it better to test my luck by looking for jobs/test out other jobs/even risking to be unemployed for awhile and go to law school later?


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Re: What shall I do?

Postby joedf » Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:35 pm

It never hurts to apply for a few jobs. I resolved the year after I graduated (am in my gap year now) to find a job no matter what, and while it took more cover letters than I'd imagined (30?) I got three offers eventually.

Apply when you have time and don't sweat coming from a non-Ivy school, or whatever. It's doable.

That said, you have a great GPA, and you'll do fine if you work hard. Study up for the LSAT, take a couple practice exams and see how you do. If you're in good standing then, great, take the test. If not, wait until the next cycle. A 3.93 is competitive absolutely anywhere, so if you study to the point that you can honestly say, "I have no room for improvement on the LSAT that could be achieved by my own hard work," take it. It might take a lot of hours but if law school's really your path (and there are other ones for Poli Sci majors, honestly), work hard and you won't regret it.


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Re: What shall I do?

Postby B90 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:17 am

First, kudos on the GPA. My advice is to take a year or two (at least) to work, "find yourself," and study for the LSAT. Start cultivating stellar recommendations (if you haven't already) with 2 or 3 professors (in case one doesn't pan out; it's good to have back up), and keep in contact with them after graduation so you can get a current recommendation.
Law school will always be there. You only only allowed to go through it once (not that you would want to do it more than once), so don't go until you're ready. If you keep up that GPA, and of course kill the LSAT, you should be in the position to have your pick of law schools, when and if you decide to go. Good luck!
Also, if you try for a paralegal position, be aware there is a general expectation of a two year commitment, so plan accordingly.

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Re: What shall I do?

Postby dingbat » Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:13 am

apollo13 wrote: out of my school is essentially just a toilet paper

Seriously though, with that GPA, if you can rock the LSAT you're golden. I would recommend trying to get a job in a law firm first (with any real job second), so you know what you're in for, but if you can't, you should go straight through. If you can get into Harvard, Yale or Columbia and it turns out you don't like law, you can go into finance or consulting straight out of law school, so you will have options. Plan on taking the LSAT early so you have plenty of time to try again.

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