Part Time law school prospects and chances

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Part Time law school prospects and chances

Postby eng_law » Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:12 pm

Note: I posted this in 'My Chances ' forum as well
Dear All,
Thank you for posting your thoughts and suggestions and helping each other in all stages i.e pre-law school, through law school & post law school.I am relatively new to this forum and trying to get into a law school for July'2013 .I posted only one topic about parttime law school program in UConn .I am putting all details about myself so that you can guide me better.
I am an immigrant from India,came to USA 6 years back on H1 visa and a PR now. My background is in Mechanical engineering for a top-tier university from my home country.I registered in LSAC for their services to evaluate the GPA. I expect a decent one. If I join in July 2013, my fulltime WE is 13 years. All my fulltime WE is only in software programming ,seriously hardcore programming. I have seen BOTH SIDES of work environments i.e developing/developed worlds and workforce and living conditions.It gave me lot of maturity both professionally and personally. My past employers included best of brands known in software and giants in that.

I stopped with BS and since I am recruited in top company in India as soon as I passed with decent pay in terms of Indian rupees all the way today in terms of dollars, I never felt the need to go for MS either in Mechanical engg or computer sciences as it would not add much to my career prospectives unless you want to go to teaching. Few Phd's report to me now.
On personal front am married, 34 years old by the time I join law school in july'2013.Wife is practicing physician.My kid would be 3 years old then. I love my current job, highly visible in organization,higher ups including CIO know me by name. Decent pay ,after year end salary increment can expect between 115-120 K,yearly stocks given also.

Why law now? Most people ask this. I would say people fall in love even in their 60's. I had this love for law for long timr, but being a first generation immigrant and other constraints on visa, I delayed till the time is right. Now is the right time. I am confident I can convience interviewers both academic admissions and prospective job interviewers after graduating from law school. I am not sure if my age by the time I gradute will cut any prospects. But taking my own life experiences, as long as you have the passion to achieve and put hard work, these deterrents should not stop anyone from pursuing. My greatest insipration is Oscar Pistorius ,the blade runner in Summer Olympics. He competed with the best of best.

Which part of law I am interested?I dont want to waste my WE as I will gain 17 years of WE by the time I pass out. I am interested only in Part-Time i.e evening program.I do not want to leave my current job.I am interested in IP law,I am aware of healthcare IT and healthcare business both for the reasons I work in a healthcare company and also in daily discussions with my wife. So am focussing on IP and Healthcare law. I like prosecuting people and dont want to sit and do just paper work. I implement that in my current job, many vendors try to sell their products ,I blast them with very intimate technical questions .I do the same in my day to day technical issues as peer reviewer with my subordinates. I enjoy doing it.I learn anything new as well as share my experience.

In future I want to start my own law firm with partners again gaining experience.Focus on healthcare litigation and IP litigan .I left this open .I only plan for shortterm.

Now you have a fair understanding about me. I am yet to give LSAT. Registered for Dec.Working hard for it. I am targetting the top 15 programs given in the US rankings for part-time law
http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandr ... w-rankings

I need to consider my wife practice prospects and school for my kid as well. I usually avoid Bronx/Brooklyn areas in NY . My wife is open to relocate for me but we
both want our kid to have good school and safe nieghbourhood. Your inputs on these would be really valuable about the neighbourhood and schooling facilities in surrounding areas of these top 15 programs.
Do you say for part-time programs the rankings does'nt matter much ? I am sure you dont say that, but each have their opinion.

Considering my background profile, lets say a LSAT score of 160-170 range (I dont set very high expectations on anything ,if I reach it that is great), 2/3 great Reco from my Company VP(S), a decent PS . On tution front I would like to get a scholarship and save some dollars if given an option and eligible, else am open to pay.
I am also reading about URM and I suppose south asian indians are not considered URM. Does being first generation help in any way?
Considering all these which schools should I target and am I late for application to most schools in that list?

Success vary from person to person. Pls share your parttime experience , what milestones you achieved post school, not able to achieve and obstacles and particularly for immigrants like me ,how open are doors in the law arena post graduation.

Thanks you again and have a great day!!

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Re: Part Time law school prospects and chances

Postby nygrrrl » Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:15 pm

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