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Guidance - Comments - Criticisms - Help - THANKS

Postby Bobnoxious » Thu May 17, 2012 2:22 pm

I could use some guidance in two areas, please.

First, a little about me. I'm a 45 year old undergraduate who has worked in a family carpet cleaning business for the past 20+ years, with no insurance, living week to week on about $32k year (yeah, I've always been a working class stiff). I always wanted to practice law whether it was arguing a civil case, a criminal case, or even help small business owners collect on their accounts receivables, so I took the plunge back into college about 3 years ago. I am currently on track to graduate next year with a high grade point average (3.7+) with a double major in Political Science & Philosophy, and am averaging about 160 on practice LSATS. By the time I'm done with the undergraduate and law degrees, even at a local state school (large metro), I'll be about $100k in debt. However, I fully intend to hang a shingle and start doing collections work for small mom & pop companies across the state who service the multi-family housing (apartment) market for property investment and management firms, as unsecured creditors. I know our small company generates an easy $15k annually for our current attorney and we're small potatoes in a market saturated with small potatoes who need the collections assistance.

Second, I'm confident I'll get admitted to law school but want to maximize my ability to be able to do a few things immediately upon graduation/passing the Bar exam.
1 - Be competent to serve as prosecutor or public defender if the debt load proves too much and I need to serve 10 years in public interest to get out from under it.
2 - Be competent to hang a shingle for small business assistance (organization, contracts, collections)
3 - Be competent to hang a shingle for criminal defense (DUI, for example)
4 - Be competent to hang a shingle for civil litigation (insurance bad faith, for example)

Which brings me to where I need the help.

A - I need a reality check to know if what I'm looking to do is really worth it from a financial standpoint considering the current legal market and economy.

B - Looking at the course offering, I've tentatively selected the courses and semesters that *I THINK* will best serve my end goal of solo practice, and would like advice, comments, and criticisms of what I've selected. I list them below.

Thank you very much for any assistance and guidance.

Bob Huddleston

Year 1 Fall
Civil Procedure I
Property I
Torts I
Legal Methods I
Criminal Law

Year 1 Spring
Civil Procedure II
Property II
Torts II
Legal Methods II
Constitutional Law

Year 2 Fall
Business Organizations I
Criminal Procedure I
Civil Procedure III
Trial Advocacy

Year 2 Spring
Debtor – Creditor
Criminal Procedure II
Secured Transactions
Professional Responsibility

Year 3 Fall
Criminal Justice Extern.
Civil Rights
Legal Argument & Appellate Practice
Litigation Drafting
Administrative Law

Year 3 Spring
Insurance Law
Contract Drafting
General Sessions Litigation Clinic
State Civil Procedure Seminar.
Federal Courts

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Re: Guidance - Comments - Criticisms - Help - THANKS

Postby dingbat » Fri May 18, 2012 7:37 pm

Your priority is to get the best LSAT score you can, then go to the best law school that gives you a free ride. You already have too much student loan debt.
If you can manage a full scholarship to a decent school, go for it.
Otherwise, don't do it

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Re: Guidance - Comments - Criticisms - Help - THANKS

Postby LawSuccess » Tue May 22, 2012 10:39 am

Of course it's worth it. There's a saying: "It's never too late to be who you could have been." What's the alternative? And, what's the worst that can happen? -- whatever it is, you can over come it. You have a plan -- work the plan and be open to changes along the way.

I have no idea about the courses -- I'm sure your law school will help you with that once it's time to register...

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