"Prep" vs. Enjoying the Topic

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"Prep" vs. Enjoying the Topic

Postby ShastaNikki » Thu May 10, 2012 9:49 am

So there are several threads throughout TLS discussing 0L prep suggestions and/or advising 0Ls to not "prepare" because it's pointless/you'll get burned out/you'll regret you didn't have fun because the next three years will be like shitting glass (the last option may or may not be a paraphrase).

But what about reading things that happen to be law-oriented just because you like them?

I want to focus in family law and I am going for the dual-degree in Women's and Gender Studies (WGS). I find reading about laws that dictate marriage and the family, as well as juvenile issues interesting. Obviously I am insane, but that's a different point.

I am pretty sure I won't be taking family law during 1L (it might be one of the choices in our limited elective list for 2nd semester, but IDK), yet I've started reading the FL E&E because I just wanted to. I like reading it. I find it interesting. And I can't help myself but write notes in the margins relating back to my UG major (also WGS).

In contrast, I was going to look over the contracts E&E...and OMG it's boring (well, Ch. 1 was all right, but I felt similarly about Ch. 2 as some people feel about law school in general: shitting glass).

I've already taken a year off between UG and LS, so I don't feel the "burning out" thing is an issue; I'm also doing a lot of traveling this summer to visit family and to take a week-long vacation to Orlando, Florida (SeaWorld & Universal), so I am still having the standard definition of fun; and I'm a big nerd who just likes to read, so other than that 15 pages contracts, it's not like I am torturing myself.

(Oh, and I've done some research on landmark student 1st amendment/Equal Protection Clause-protection-while-in-school cases because I'm making my student do a semester project on them...but I find those--even reading cases!--incredibly interesting as well.)

Anyway: if prep is bad and useless, is reading law for enjoyment--even substantive law!--equally detrimental?


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Re: "Prep" vs. Enjoying the Topic

Postby sidhesadie » Thu May 10, 2012 10:48 am

No, read whatever you want to.

I think really that the only thing that can be detrimental is reading stuff you aren't into and have no background in, just to try to 'get an edge'. (e.g. the conracts E&E) you're not going to understand it as well as you will after class, you don't have anyone to discuss the nuances with and it is generally just going to seem overwhelming and/or stupid.

That doesn't mean you can't read on topics you're actually interested in.

Basically, rule in MY opinion is: would you read it even if you weren't going to LS? Then read it. If not, wait.

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