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Re: GULC 1L taking questions

Postby TheSpanishMain » Sat Jan 03, 2015 9:36 pm

FWIW, I'm happy to answer any questions, although as a 1L I'm not sure I have any earth shattering insight on things like OCI. Happy to talk about admissions/1L things though.

Jessuf wrote:
ck3 wrote:I know that Georgetown is known for government placement and my goal is a federal government agency. However, is most of the government placement due to people who already have connections in federal government coming to GULC and then being placed thru their connections after graduation. Would Georgetown with good grades give me an edge in placing in a federal agency over a school like Michigan or a non-T14 like GW. I have not yet been accepted at Georgetown but there is still hope. However, I do have an acceptance at George Washington and I am wondering if the ability to place a student with good grades is remarkably different between these 2 schools. Thanks to all who are answering these questions.

Getting a federal gig straight out of law school is incredibly rare. You generally need: 1) full time work experience in that field, 2) internship with the agency, 3) top grades/rank, 4) clerkship, 5) post-LS legal experience, and/or 6) LR e-board/published/moot court/etc. It does happen that you only need one of those things, but you will usually need a combination to be competitive.

With that said, it's super easy to get an internship with a fed agency here. I don't know much about how competitive GWU is in this economy, sorry. As for Mich, that school is definitely more competitive in big law, but it seems GULC places better in govt simply due to location and self selection. I could easily be wrong on that, though I have met a lot of GULC alum through internships and none yet from Michigan.

Do you have a sense what happens to the grads who don't go BigLaw/government? It seems like relatively few are straight unemployed. Also, from what I've heard, DC small firms are more likely than most to be legitimate small firms as opposed to shitlaw. Any truth to that?

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