Boston College Alum Taking Questions

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Re: Boston College Alum Taking Questions

Postby BCLS » Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:26 am

JusticeHarlan wrote:
jamie9248922 wrote:Do many BC students live on Beacon ST. specifically the Coolidge Corner are or do they stay more towards Comm Ave, Brighton/Allston?

A good number do live on Beacon and in Brookline/Coolidge Corner area, thought not as many as in, say, Cleveland Circle or Allston (as far as I can tell).

I know tons living in Allston/Brighton as well.


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Re: Boston College Alum Taking Questions

Postby michpasc » Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:10 pm

Hi there! I've been admitted to Northwestern as well as BC, but intend to pursue a career in Boston. In your experience, which school would be a better bet if I only want to pursue jobs in the greater Boston area?

Thank you for taking questions!


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Re: Boston College Alum Taking Questions

Postby BCLS Alum » Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:06 pm

hey any anecdotal evidence (or solid evidence for that matter) of the ability to take a BC law degree out west?

You'll find a number of students going to firms in California. It is probably the third most popular location for BC law students after Boston and New York.

Northwestern is a great school. While it is out in Chicago, if you have ties to the Boston area, you may be able to leverage a job offer. BC places very well in Boston. Your law firm interviewer will likely be a BC grad (firms do this on purpose) and you summer associate class mates will largely be made up of Boston College students (obviously not exclusively, as you usually have BU and Harvard students in the class along with random other schools represented). People will say go to a school in the region of the country you want to practice in order to maximize your chances at employment in that specific market. One thing I would note is that you may be able to leverage your Northwestern offer into a larger scholarship from BC.


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Re: Boston College Alum Taking Questions

Postby africaforlife » Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:05 pm


Got another question for you.

I am from Boston, and, if not working outside the US, probably want to remain in Boston. I have applied to BC, BU, Northeastern and Suffolk. I have only heard back from BC (accepted) so far. My grades in college were good (3.65) and I have very strong softs (been out of college working in human rights for the UN the last several years), but my LSAT was pretty damn low for BC (still kind of shocked I got in). As a result, they're not going to offer me much money. Northeastern and especially Suffolk, on the other hand, may give me a bunch of money. Under what types of scenarios do you think going to a lesser ranked school like those becomes worth it financially? Do you think a full ride at Suffolk would be smarter than full price at BC? A debt burden of 50k vs. 150k? I think you get the idea... As I talked about in my last question, my primary interest is in public interest / international human rights law, so the whole biglaw thing does not factor heavily into my decision making (though I can't entirely rule it out either).

Thanks for the advice!

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