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Re: UConn 1L taking questions

Postby iceicebaby » Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:54 pm

lallygag wrote:
IMHO, it seems to me that UConn does value work experience and diversity of its student body. My class has ex-military guys, people that just graduated, people that have been in the work force for 3+ years, people with Masters degrees, MBA's, you name it. I, myself, came in with 2 years as a paralegal and I didn't have an awesome LSAT score. That along with my GPA and other things prob helped my app. If being a lawyer is your desire, don't give up on it just because you have so much experience. That can be a good thing. There are older people with lots of experience in my class and to be honest, it seems employers these days value experience (just like B schools). Retake the LSAT. That way you'll have at least one good stat and then they'll consider you as a whole. Good luck!

Thanks for the words of encouragement, lallygag! I am gearing up for the LSAT again in October 2011, so it is basically do or die for me. Thankfully, I will be taking a Testmasters course in Hartford to help me out! Just out of curiosity, do law schools typically value the quality of your work experience within the field and do they really consider a strong resume to be an important boost to a particular applicant?

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