Location or Ranking?

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Which school please

Maryland: in-state tuition, I live there
Seattle: one day I want to move west
Denver: hence all these other options
No votes
Lewis and Clark: but am not set on a location yet
Total votes: 27

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Location or Ranking?

Postby bluelilyleif » Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:40 pm

So I have applied to these schools. I have been accepted to Maryland. I am still waiting to hear from the others. My plan is to go part-time; I live in Maryland and have been working for a judge for three years, so I will probably stay with her.

But. One day I think I want to move. Perhaps to Denver, Seattle, or Portland. Mostly Seattle. All of these options are for part-time, because I must work while in school. So, if I do choose one of these others, I will relocate, have to find another job, and not pay in-state tuition.

Do you think Maryland will "let" me one day relocate to one of these areas?

Thanks everyone. Perhaps this is premature since I don't know if they have even admitted me yet. But I like to be prepared. :P


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Re: Location or Ranking?

Postby reverendt » Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:44 pm

I'd say that "one day" you could probably relocate. But it will be difficult straight out of school.

Having a judge on your side is a great way to start...that could help you with whatever you decide to do.

Unless you're certain about wanting to move west, I'd say stay put.
If you distinguish yourself in your first job(s) out of school, you can probably find a job out west. Especially if you start working for a firm that has offices in MD and the west coast.

Good luck!

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Re: Location or Ranking?

Postby Great Satchmo » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:48 pm

The immobility question, I think, is more related to the first job out of school. Granted, I'm sure it's difficult to move from coast to coast even with a few years under your belt, but I don't think that's the discussion that happens here.

Maryland is a good school. If you have ties with a judge and can go to Maryland on the cheap, I say go. If you are ok staying for a few years after, then you can start looking at opportunities to move elsewhere.

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