Internship v. Summer Associate

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Internship v. Summer Associate

Postby usnwfu » Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:10 am

I got an offer to intern for a Federal Judge (Senior status) <- don't know if that matters... but of course it's unpaid. I don't care too much about money but i do need to eat, If i am offered a summer assoc job at a small-med sized firm which should I take? I'll starve to have a better 2L Resume for better shot at OCI.


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Re: Internship v. Summer Associate

Postby steph404 » Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:27 pm

I'd say internship, or if you do get an offer see if you can split between the two. I've worked in a big firm and clerked for a federal judge, and you will definitely pick up more skills with a judge. Also, judges usually have great personal networks and if they like you are willing to call people on your behalf. Senior status allows the judge to be as active as the judge wants to be and is not a black mark on the experience. Check around and see what the caseload is like.

Summering at a firm as a 1L is just like summering as a 2L, and just further complicates what to do with your second summer. If you get an offer, they will usually require you to spend a certain number of weeks with them. If you don't get an offer, then you have to have to that conversation with everyone you interview with.

I understand the pay thing, though, so ask your judge how many weeks you will need to be there, and plan accordingly. Since a smaller/mid firm will have less summers and more flexibility with their summer planning, you may be surprised at the flexibility that is there.

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