State Supreme Court clerkship chances - HYS grad, straight Ps

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Re: State Supreme Court clerkship chances - HYS grad, straight Ps

Postby LBJ's Hair » Tue Oct 30, 2018 5:30 pm

Anonymous User wrote:At least at Y, enough classes (including a few black letters) give 99% Hs that it would be impossible to get all Ps.

Echoing this, and everyone who cares in the slightest about clerking knows which profs hand out Hs and takes those classes. Chua, anyone? Maybe the person who said "people with straight Ps clerk all the time" actually knows someone who did it, in which case, good for them. But I kinda doubt it because if you're the sort of person who managed to get straight Ps at Yale (a difficult feat), I can't imagine you'd put the effort into getting a clerkship?

I don't know enough about SLS to have an opinion on its grading. But there are *tons* of 9th Circuit district court clerkships, and the number of applicants from competitive schools is substantially lower than it is on the East Coast - wouldn't surprise me at all if people below median from SLS got 'em. Doesn't mean you'd be competitive for a Mass. SSC though.

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