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Clerkship(s) --> ASA/AUSA

Postby illiniguy1551 » Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:37 pm

Will be doing an 8 month clerkship starting December with a federal magistrate judge (current clerk is leaving to take other position and returning in August). I then have the option to either start as an ASA with the local State's Attorney, or do a federal district court clerkship within the same courthouse. All within a market of 350,000 people. Ultimately, want to do criminal litigation; does the additional clerkship hold much value for criminal litigation? I'm ok staying in the market for awhile, but I'd like to make it to Chicago at some point. Would love some insight from current or former magistrate clerks.


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Re: Clerkship(s) --> ASA/AUSA

Postby FascinatedWanderer » Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:58 pm

My sense is that it will definitely help for AUSA positions down the road. While AUSAs practice in front of Mag judges a great deal, the real heavy hitting work comes in front of district court judges.


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Re: Clerkship(s) --> ASA/AUSA

Postby Jchance » Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:59 pm

I'd take the art. III clerkship, more opportunities will open up for post-clerkship

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Re: Clerkship(s) --> ASA/AUSA

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Oct 14, 2016 4:46 pm

Current mag. clerk. If your district is anything like mine, you will get vastly more crim. experience as a district judge's clerk than as a magistrate judge's clerk.

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