Second Clerkship When Firm Has Already Made Plans

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Second Clerkship When Firm Has Already Made Plans

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Dec 07, 2014 12:50 pm

So I've seen a lot of info about doing a second clerkship, particularly one that is in a different court. However, I wanted to get some opinions about my particular situation.

I'm currently clerking on a SSC, and I have a firm job lined up after the clerkship in what I would describe as a secondary market. I saw on OSCAR a while back that there are still a couple of federal district judges taking clerkship applications for next fall. I think these judges tend to favor alumni applicants, which is why they tend to wait longer to select clerks. I think I would be competitive for these clerkships, and I am interested in getting the federal trial court experience.

That said, my firm has started making plans for me and appears to have a practice group assignment for me. I'm concerned that it's a bit too late to do a second clerkship without my firm being a little miffed about it. The firm has a number of former clerks, including folks who have done two year clerkships, but not many who have done two separate clerkships. Moreover, I don't think the firm is used to people frequently leaving or changing their clerkship plans like the firms in DC and NY. This is a market where it's more common to do one 1 year or 2 year clerkship right after law school or to leave the firm after a few years as an alum for a clerkship and then return. I have no idea how the firm would react to someone changing the plan just a few months in advance of starting at the firm.

I suppose I could reach out to a partner to ask what she thinks, but I don't think I have a good enough read on her to know whether the inquiry itself would annoy her or not. Or maybe I'm thinking about this too hard and should just go for it and then tell the firm if I get an offer. Thoughts? Thanks for the insight!

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Re: Second Clerkship When Firm Has Already Made Plans

Postby seizmaar » Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:46 pm

I'd recommend you just broach it with the firm. It'd be better to get in the habit at this point of sticking up for your priorities. If they're completely against it that will be good to know, and what's the worst that happens? They tell you, "please don't do this at this time" and you decide what to do.

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