Judges with military experience and service?

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Judges with military experience and service?

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:14 pm

I'm asking this question for a friend, who has had extensive pre-law school military experience and service. She joined the military right out of high school and spent some time there, went to college, rejoined the military, and then went to law school. She's currently doing very well and is in the middle of her 2L fall semester. She's seriously considering clerking and would like to know if there is a list or compendium that has judges who have served in the military or prefer applicants with military experience. Is there such a thing?

She's obviously planning on applying broadly, but she would like to ensure that she applies to those judges who have served in the military or give significant regard to applicants who have served.

Thank you.


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Re: Judges with military experience and service?

Postby bk1 » Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:53 pm

I'm sure there are judges that see military service as a plus but I doubt there exists a list of those who do. As for finding judges that served in the military, the easiest way I can think of is to search the Federal Almanac of the Judiciary on Westlaw (it includes their job histories so a search for each branch "Navy," "Marines," etc should pop up every judge that's served in that branch).

While I think finding out that information is important to the application process (so she can highlight it in her cover letter as a reason she is applying to that judge), I don't think it's that important for her to find it out so she can apply to that judge since her best bet is to apply to every judge in every location she would be okay with clerking. That will then catch all judges in those locations that served so there's no worry that she'll miss a judge that served.

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