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Re: Most Competitive Clerkship Districts

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:10 am

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Tangerine Gleam wrote:The above post nailed it. I overstated Thompson's competitiveness a bit (as far as saying that "feeder"-like stats were a prerequisite). It's more that he's been around for a very long time, is very well-respected, and has come to attract top-flight candidates who might not otherwise be rushing to live in Montgomery.

Edit: I'll also throw in Keith Ellison as a feeder-ish district court judge.

I'll do more than that: I happen to know for a fact that Ellison ONLY hires Yale Law candidates. PERIOD. (And has no problem in finding them: his three 2015-2016 term slots were on Oscar for less than two weeks before they were filled.) While I assumed this type of school snobbery existed at the CoA level, this is the first instance I've heard of such extreme snobbery at the federal district level. District!! I mean fine, the Southern District of Texas (and, more specifically, the Houston district) happens to be the largest in the country, and I know Ellison is a Yalie himself, but I still find it shocking that the man wouldn't even consider someone like a T14 law review EIC. It ain't the S.D.N.Y. or something.

Anyway, I should goddamn well HOPE he's a feeder if he has standards that high...

The current SLS clerks in Ellison's chambers beg to differ (as does the one clerking for him next year). None were on Law Review.

He's hired from HLS before as well.

And EDTX is definitely a highly competitive district for folks interested in patent lit-- lots of highly credentialed folks from the coasts kicking around in little old Marshall.

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