Biglaw Hiring is About Done - No Job Prospects

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Biglaw Hiring is About Done - No Job Prospects

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:34 pm

2L here. K-JD. Attend full-time at a T1 (ranked 40-50 by US News Reports). Class Rank is slightly higher than top 1/3.

Biglaw hiring is just about done. I don't have a damn offer or even any offer pending from ANYONE. What should I do? I recently have been getting interviews with solo practitioners asking me to work with them part-time while I attend law school. Like that will turn into anything in the future. I also get interviews with small firms (about 4-5 attorneys) to work with them as well part-time while attending law school.

How do I go about getting a job now that will pay me somewhat decent after graduation because I will be stuck with shitlaw? Should I just keep checking simplicity rigorously at this point? I am in a large legal market but am looking for decent pay and something which could eventually turn into permanent employment.

At this point am I better off just working with someone part-time while attending law school and hoping that job turns into some permanent gig and continuously checking simplicity?

Sorry for a lot of questions but recently I have been very depressed and can't find motivation to even get up out of my bed but still manage to because I signed up for this hell!

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Re: Biglaw Hiring is About Done - No Job Prospects

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:43 pm

I know it doesn't help your situation, but you're not alone. I'm in the same boat as you, as are many of my classmates (at my relatively decent school) and so are most of my friends at law schools across the country. Keep networking and sending out apps. It will be okay.

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Re: Biglaw Hiring is About Done - No Job Prospects

Postby TheSpanishMain » Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:45 pm

Any interest in government work? Government jobs tend to be less obsessed with school rank than BigLaw firms. You could give yourself a fighting shot at some government stuff if you started building a public service focused resume now: internships, 2L summer, etc.

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Re: Biglaw Hiring is About Done - No Job Prospects

Postby lawhopeful100 » Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:51 pm

I graduated last May from a T1 regional school. I would just say get as much experience as you can and if that means working part time or for a smaller firm so be it. Keep in mind if a better offer comes along you can always switch. For my 2L summer I first accepted an offer at a small firm and then reneged to take an offer at a (relatively) larger firm. Also a lot of my classmates didn't have anything lined up at graduation but most seem to have found something by now. You might not end up at the larger firm like you wanted but it also isn't panic button time yet.

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Re: Biglaw Hiring is About Done - No Job Prospects

Postby andythefir » Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:55 pm

This site has a very narrow understanding of the job market for attorneys. Yes, it is true that the ship has probably sailed re a 300+ attorney firm. But there are lots of good jobs in the mountain west that LRAP/PAYE can make very reasonable. Now, who knows if PAYE will go away, but there are options. Outside of the very narrow understandings of this site and your CDO.

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Re: Biglaw Hiring is About Done - No Job Prospects

Postby viz-luv » Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:05 pm

Top third at that tier is unlikely to get biglaw so yeah not surprising at all there. If you are truly hoping for biglaw maybe focus on a practice area for possible 3l spots (still NOT likely, especially as you said kjd so no work experience to play off. However you can get lucky and get the right area, 2 of our students pulled this off my year). Or consider an llm in tax at nyu (also anectodatally I've seen this work for someone but ymmv).

But the best way into small and mid law is to actually work there and have them love you. Yes there is no guarantee but the smaller shops can't afford to gamble on an opening 2 years in advance. If they already know you fit in then you are who gets hired when the time comes. You should definitely clerk with a firm you like to get experience, keep applying to anything you like better, and keep networking. The majority of full time employment at this type of regional school seems to come from letting them see your work.
I don't understand why you seem to equate all small firms with shit law. Not really accurate and you may miss something amazing. Some smaller places start low but do accelerated raises so that pay gap goes down fast. You can't really tell this from the websites but you can see it if you join a firm. If it feels sweat shop like, you still have another 3 semesters and a summer to try a better place.
The government idea is great too. Some awesome agencies with steady raises and great time off. Like with firms, get in with the one you like and show commitment.

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Re: Biglaw Hiring is About Done - No Job Prospects

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:46 pm

I wish I could tell you that things will get easier, but it likely wouldn't.

It is hard but not impossible to get a midlaw/biglaw position as a 3L. You need to really up your grades. I went to a T25 school and was in the top 20% and I ended up finding a midlaw job my 3L year. I have a couple of friends who were also ranked in the top 25% of a T25 who were also able to snag something at either a midlaw/biglaw firm.

You also need to network and pound the pavement hard. Set up informational interviews with attorneys that you have common things with (i.e., same school, hobbies, church ... etc.). Start that now and check in with them ever 3-4 months. It is possible that next year they will have an opening for a 3L hire and they may be able to refer you. A lot of it is based on luck. I did over 30 informational interviews and I ended up getting lucky and got a job. My friend did over 100 informational interviews before it paid off.

Also look at inhouse jobs, while inhouse typically doesn't hire attorneys with no experience, some places are starting to hire fresh law graduates. Consider writing articles and learning more about a specific area of law. That will be the easiest way for you to demonstrate your interest and knowledge in a certain area of law.

Consider taking accounting classes in law school to get a CPA and try to get a job in Big 4 tax. While not ideal, it still at least gives you a start in the corporate world and gives you a beginning point.

Focus on your grades, try to graduate top 15% if possible.
Network with midlaw/biglaw people you have a common interest with.
Consider writing articles on a specific subject of law.
Consider getting a CPA looking at Big 4 tax.

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