How relevant is legal experience in a field you aren't apply for.

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How relevant is legal experience in a field you aren't apply for.

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:42 am

I've always wondered, how relevant is unrelated legal experience?

I think I might be getting some offers in some small firms that specialize in areas of law that I'm not interested in. I'm still waiting for the response from the big firm that I like. I guess my question is multi-part so I'll frame it better by listing it.

1) If I accept a offer with a small firm, go there for a week or so, and the firm that I desire accepts me, could I just up and leave the small firm? I would feel terrible doing that, does that happen at all?

2) If I work with the small firm for a while, and gather experience say in workers' compensation insurance defense, but want to eventually go to a bigger firm and do business litigation or toxic tort litigation, would my experience doing workers' comp work at the small firm be valued?

3) Is there anyway I can keep the employer waiting until I hear back from the firm I really want before I accept or reject his offer?

Thanks for any advice.

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