Supplements as primary source of studying

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Re: Supplements as primary source of studying

Postby bretby » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:53 pm

Pneumonia wrote:I agree that Glannon's is a fantastic resource.

My post was responding, in particular, to this--

Kya6 wrote:I was wondering if this would be a solid study structure.

. . . . Then use supplements, E&Es for example as my main source of studying( go through them cover to cover)!

It appears the conversation has transitioned from "should supplements be the 'main source of studying'" to "whether one should 'forgo using the supplements at all'" to "whether supplements can help." No, they should not be your main source of studying. Yes, they can be helpful.

I intended my long post to illustrate why supplements shouldn't be anyone's primary source. And I don't think any exam will ever all fore reading one cover-to-cover. But I didn't mean to suggest that supplements aren't worth consulting. They are. Especially, as basket mentioned, Glannon's for civ pro.

I agree with you. My skepticism about the OP's study plan is that is sounds totally unsustainable (s/he lays it out again a few posts up and honestly I'm exhausted just reading it). My concern would be burnout early on when by doing all the extra work, particularly when as a 1L you don't have a sense yet of how to identify important exam concepts. So you'd be overworking yourself with little concrete to show for it by the time the exam rolls around. This would be different were it a 2L or 3L proposing this study plan, but even the most diligent 2L or 3L would never propose a plan like this.

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