below median 1L T-14. What's next?

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Re: below median 1L T-14. What's next?

Postby okaygo » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:37 am

I always put the rule down. Mainly because it was on my outline, so sometimes I would do so without truly putting thought into the contours of the rule to help guide me in my analysis. I had to do too much thinking during game day on the exam, when I should have been doing, I suppose, all of that work during prep time. I stand by a big part of my problem being crappy issue spotting. Also my school just tends to have a lack of practice exams, so that certaintly didn’t help.

Truly though, don’t ask me where I went wrong. Never really figured it out. I made my own outlines, paid attention in class, did my readings. Grades were still meh. Just never cracked the law school exam code.

OP: The point of my post was an attempt to reassure you that even if it doesn’t work out, life still may be okay. God speed next semester! I brought my GPA up .1 and some change my 1L spring. Even a minor boost is possible and will help!

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