PLI Patent Bar Exam Review = Very Poor Quality

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PLI Patent Bar Exam Review = Very Poor Quality

Postby beatsLaw » Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:07 pm

Hi all, a newbie patent attorney here and please let me say something about PLI patent bar review. I'm extremely frustrated by this course and I wonder if anyone else had similar expereinces.

I'm currently studying for the patent bar using PLI's materials, which cost more a ridiculous amount of $3000 or $1900 for students (luckily reimbursed by my firm). I had patent law at law school and I found so many questionable answers already in their materials. Many of the answers simply refer to certain section of MPEP or AIA, without any explanation, and I talked to some of the attorneys in my firm and they could not understand why those answers either. I'm convinced that many of the questions are wrongly answered and I'm only into the first week!

The video lectures are extremely dull and one of the lecturers keep repeating what's already on the outline. I just took the California Bar with Barbri, and I'm shocked by the difference in quality, especially given that this single subject review course almost cost as much as the entire Barbri course. I know a lot of people say that PLI is the best you can get for patent bar review, but I'm really doubtful that there is no other agency doing a better job.

This does not cost me much money directly given that my firm pays for it, but I would advise avoiding PLI's patent review.

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