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Re: Graduation Presents

Postby tfer2222 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:31 pm

Mr. Blackacre wrote:
grades?? wrote:
albanach wrote:
grades?? wrote:I second a nice framing service. Not cheap, but certainly worth it.

I also agree with this. Your diploma and bar certificate are probably going to be on your wall for decades to come. Getting them nicely framed costs a stupid amount but is worth it.

If there's any possibility that they don't know how much framing costs - pretty sure mine were well in excess of $500 total - I'd ask for a gift voucher for a local framing store and you can pay the difference when you have the cash. I wouldn't want to be seen asking for something that's hundreds of dollars more than they were expecting to pay for a briefcase.

Yeah they can get expensive. A great frame, anti-acid border, nice glass, etc can cost 500 easily for 1 diploma. But it is something everyone who steps into your office will judge you about.

Are you all serious? Is this actually a thing?

God I hate this profession sometimes. Please tell me you at least work in a NYC V5, and I can just disregard. Here I was thinking I could just buy some shitty frame for $20 and call it a day. For what it's worth, I guarantee you that the first thing I think of when walking into an attorney's office isn't "what a TTTerrible framing job. This person is worthless and deserves to be stuck doing doc review forever."

I'm at an NYC v10 and my diploma is somewhere in a box in my parent's basement. I don't think I ever got a bar certificate........


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Re: Graduation Presents

Postby albanach » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:20 pm

tfer2222 wrote:
I'm at an NYC v10 and my diploma is somewhere in a box in my parent's basement. I don't think I ever got a bar certificate........

Don't they use Velcro to attach such things to cube walls in NYC? ;)


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Re: Graduation Presents

Postby WeeBey » Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:13 am

zot1 wrote:I think you need to go back to the whole convo.

If you work at a big law firm (and actually a good chunk of mid and small firms), the firm actually frames diplomas for you.

If you don't, the expense is on your own. I don't know when's the last time you bought a frame, but even if you go to marshalls, a cheap frame can be almost $100.

That's why, as a present for someone going non-private, I can't think of something better to gift than framing.

Is this really the case? Im thinking of framing my degree do NY big law firms generally frame?

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