Online Courses for Visiting Students

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Online Courses for Visiting Students

Postby quinnkane » Wed Jun 15, 2016 9:16 am

Hi all,

Thanks for reading. I'm a 3L with 10 credits left to graduate. I'm also a Naval Officer about to attend flight training. I'm hoping to complete my remaining law credits this fall before flight training kicks off but will have to do it online as there are no law schools near Pensacola, FL.

My law school, Georgia State, is onboard with accepting visiting student credits from any ABA institution. I'm having a hard time finding ones that offer online courses. So far I've gotten John Marshall in Chicago, but haven't received a call back.

Does anyone know of schools outside the top 50 (where I can likely be accepted as a visiting student mid-summer) that offer online courses regularly?

Thanks ya'll!

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