Law School Final Exam Question

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Law School Final Exam Question

Postby Zazelmaf » Wed Apr 22, 2015 6:57 am

I went to take in my new MacBook Air laptop to the Apple store because it has been slowing down on me and I only got it about a year ago. Therefore, it is under warranty.

However, the problem arose when the following took place:

They started to look at the hard drive and saw all sorts of browsing history that I was not keen on them viewing. Then they looked at the mother board and one of the technicians saw pictures of his own mother.

Then they looked at the CPU and saw that it was lined in some kind of white film.

I said, "technician, this is kind of personal, don't you think? You should not be looking at these things."

And the tech replied, "this is not an apple computer, it is a FAPPLE computer. Therefore it is not under warranty."

Should I sue?

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