HYS work ethic

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HYS work ethic

Postby splittermcsplit88 » Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:12 pm

So I am curious - how strong is the work ethic/mindset of an average student at Harvard, Yale, and Stanford (+T14)? I used to listen to stories about Harvard kids barely sleeping, and that I should have a regimented schedule, make good use of my time, etc., but it would be less elusive for me if I heard specific details, personal mindset, and what type of rote practice/reading is involved, etc. Typically, my day as a student would go more or less like this:

9am-10am: get up, shower, eat, leave apartment.
10am-12pm: check e-mail, search jobs, mostly administrative.
12pm-1pm: eat lunch.
1pm-5pm: slug my way through reading for classes.
5pm-6:30pm: watch a tv show.
7pm-8pm: eat dinner.
8pm-9:30pm: try to get something done - maybe read 10 pages.
9:30pm-12am: go home, watch something, shower.

I guess in addition to daily schedule, I am interested in the HYS+T14 level of focus. I also enunciate every word when I read, so my reading could be faster. Should I be reading outside material constantly? All said, I know I could be using my time more efficiently, but I am curious as to how others micromanage.

+when I meet HYS kids, I just find them a lot smarter overall, even undergrads (judging by their vocabulary, logical thought, knowing what is appropriate in a certain situation, etc). Could this be largely derived from reading?

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Re: HYS work ethic

Postby A. Nony Mouse » Sat Feb 21, 2015 6:58 pm

Imma move the other one to this forum and close this one to avoid duplicate threads.

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