Partnership Tax and Sales course questions

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Partnership Tax and Sales course questions

Postby kangshimeng » Sun Nov 16, 2014 4:55 am

Couple questions regarding a Partnership Tax Course and Sales Course:

I am a 2L and interested in pursuing private business advising and planning with my law degree. I will be taking Basic Income Tax in the spring, but registered for Partnership Tax for winter quarter. Am I jumping the gun? Should I wait until completing basic income tax to go onto partnership tax?

Is Sales a useful course? Based on what I have heard it seems to be a rehash of 1L contracts...


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Re: Partnership Tax and Sales course questions

Postby imacpa » Sun Nov 23, 2014 8:06 pm

From my experience, most students cannot take partnership tax until they've completed the basic federal taxation course first which usually covers basic income tax law including individuals and sole proprietor tax law. In that case, you are also likely to learn about capital gain, basis, and depreciation which is relevant to partnership tax law. Therefore, you will need to have the basic principles from your basic federal tax law course before you can move onto signing up for a partnership tax course since they require basic income tax law understanding.

Unless you have some experience/formal education in tax, I think you may be jumping the gun by taking partnership tax law first before taking the basic tax course. I'll be surprised if your law school allows you to do that. My recommendation is to complete basic tax first so that you don't get lost when you take partnership tax.

As for sales, I agree that it may be redundant to take it if your 1L contract course has already covered it. However, if the state bar exam that you are planning on testing after graduation tests you on UCC topics then I would recommend that you take Sales as it will benefit you. I would also recommend that you take it if you have plans to go into commercial law.

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