In Probate - How should the new Grant Deed be worded?

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In Probate - How should the new Grant Deed be worded?

Postby CuriousMind » Mon Oct 13, 2014 11:00 am

Per the terms of the A's Will that is in probate, the family house is to be put into a trust. A's surviving second wife is B. A has granted B a life estate (with conditions), with children (C) as remaindermen. A has made B the Trustee of the Trust. A new Grant Deed will be created to transfer title from deceased's name, to ....? I'm wondering what it should be.

Note: Attorney for B is asking the court for it to read: "To B, as Trustee, decedent’s separate property commonly known as...." It doesn't mention the trust, or a life estate, nor remaindermen. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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