MC Questions

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MC Questions

Postby lawman4 » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:18 am

So my first semester of law and I did well--top 20%.

However, I SHOULD have been top 10%. I met with all of my professors and in each class, I had 1 of the top 5 written portions of the exam but I basically bombed the MC sections. They told me that had I scored a little higher on the MC sections, I would have been part of the very top grades in each class. And unfortunately, I was told that recovering from MC is not easy.

I have all the Q&A'a and E&E's and USED them. Normally, when I do MC practice, I take my time and successfully get them right. However, under timed conditions (practice/exam), I don't do to well.

I met with the Bar prep at my school but they don't have time to spend on a 1L.

Tips? Help? Strategies?

Thank you.

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