Advice on 2L grade improvement

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Re: Advice on 2L grade improvement

Postby nevdash » Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:35 pm

sheila1s wrote:Kind of going off of this, how common is it for people to jump significantly in class rank during their 2L year? (There's probably a better thread on this but I haven't found one). I've been feeling pretty down about missing top third by a few percentile points as a 1L (T20). This seems like really good advice on improving, but I've heard it's rare for people to be able to climb a lot after the first year. I need some motivation to put in the extra work to bump my ranking, but I keep having pathetic pity parties :oops: help!

I went top 1/3 --> top 10%, but it required almost a 4.0 2L and 3L. Big tip: if you really want it that badly, don't just take seminars, but take seminars and make the professor like you. Obviously don't bug him/her too much and feel out how receptive he/she is, but it's much easier to guarantee an A if the class is graded subjectively based on a paper/participation and the prof is inclined to like you. It still requires work, but every edge counts when you're on the 4.0-or-bust plan.


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Re: Advice on 2L grade improvement

Postby sheila1s » Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:13 pm

I went top 1/3 --> top 10%

I moved up 20% between 1L and graduation.

thanks for the advice. and nice job on moving up so much!

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