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Re: PAYE Legislation Thread- Pepper Anus Yuppie Eleemosynaries

Postby patogordo » Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:27 pm

JCougar wrote:I admit it's more vague than it should be, but my understanding just makes more sense to me ( I really doubt they would pull the rug out from under PSLF students like that. To me, that's just not even in the realm of political possibilities.

it's not really rug-pulling in the grand scheme of things, though. they didn't eliminate PSLF altogether, they're just modifying the terms of the forgiveness. i think people are stretching the definition of "reliance" a little bit ITT, at least in a legal sense.

that being said, i agree that the real sticking point here would be political backlash, so TCR is probably for everyone to keep hounding their reps like bjs has.


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Re: PAYE Legislation Thread- Pepper Anus Yuppie Eleemosynaries

Postby haus » Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:32 pm

paintbynumbers wrote:The government is already turning a $41.3 billion profit a year on the backs of its students. Now this.

I need a massage.

Well, to be fair, this number is being gamed to assume that they will actually collect all the money that they loan back (and the interest on top of it), when in reality, a good portion of that money would be forgiving in one way or another, which is not properly captured in the budget numbers (as that is the future, hence it is someone else's problem).

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