Personal Immunities vs. Functional Immunities

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Personal Immunities vs. Functional Immunities

Postby southernboy2011 » Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:07 pm

In regards to International Law:

Diplomatic Agents enjoy such thing as Diplomatic Immunity. From what I understand, they enjoy personal immunities as well as functional immunities. I understand Personal Immunities to be immunity from arrest and detention, criminal jurisdiction, civil and admin jurisdiction, inviolability of residence, etc. If a diplomatic enjoy both Personal & Functional immunities and the above mentioned immunities are Personal Immunities, what the hell are functional immunities?

I am very confused on the entire concept of immunities. I understand when a Diplomatic is performing official duty, he can't be arrested or detained, etc.......but I also see there is some wiggle room to even allow him to be free from those things even when he's not performing official acts?

Please help me with International Law, this crap is really confusing my brain. Great outlines are also welcomed!

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