Help a lost 1L prepare for finals

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Help a lost 1L prepare for finals

Postby ArtVandelayy » Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:35 pm

With exactly one month to go until my first final, I'm starting to realize I might be way behind in preparation, at least in comparison to the other 1Ls on TLS.

I am at a T14 where the pressure is high and of course I'd like to do well, so I seriously need to get on my shit. Fast. So how do I go about doing this in the most efficient and effective way possible?

Thus far, I have really only been reading the assigned material for class, going to class and taking notes, and then coming home and reading again for the next day. I've been able to collect a few outlines from older students for each of my doctrinal classes, so I was planning on going through each one, compiling all of the useful info, and merge it with any differences from my class notes to create my own outline. Is this a good move? Can my time be put to better use?

Once I'm satisfied with my outline, is the next (and last?) step to move on to practice exams?

Luckily I'm just about finished with my last memo in LRW, so I'd like to think I can devote any time out of class now to finals prep. I'm just getting stressed out by the fact that I feel like I'm way far behind having only read the assigned cases.

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Re: Help a lost 1L prepare for finals

Postby Jsa725 » Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:56 am


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